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Rates & Policies

Rates & Policies

CSM 2017-2018 Lesson Rates and Policies  
 (updated 08/19/2017)

Private Lessons
We offer private lessons on Piano/Keyboards, Guitar, Bass, Drums, Vocals, Ukulele and Saxophone.  Lessons cover all aspects of the essential fundamentals of learning: Sight-Reading, Music Theory, Performance and Technology.  We utilize the latest in music technology to make learning fun and more interactive. Digital Media is provided to our students on demand.

PL1 Weekly 1/2 hour Private Lesson $119.00/Month
PL2 Weekly 1 Hour Private Lesson $249.00/Month

*Core curriculum method books and digital media are included with monthly tuition.

Optional Services

PlayGroundSesions.com Online Subscription: Piano/Keyboards $29.95/Month
JamPlay.com Online Subscription: Guitar, Bass, Ukulele $29.95/Month
Drumeo.com Online Subscription: Drums $39.95/Month
Artistworks.com Online Subscription: All Instruments, Professional Artists $49.95/Month

*CSM Office 365 Essentials Account included with subscription.  Online subscriptions are managed by CSM.

Group Classes

Band Performance Class
Students join other students in a 90 minute class and rehearsal each week to learn all about performing in a real band.  Our instructors are well-trained on every instrument and will guide students through the band rehearsal and performance process. Basic knowledge of your instrument and music theory is required. (4 month semester enrollment is required)

Music Theory & Production Class
Students will meet once a week for a 90 minute class covering the essentials of music theory. (Scales, chords, harmony etc.)
Students will also learn to record and edit using Cubase Audio Recording software and Sibelius Music Notation software.

Band Performance Class Weekly 90 Minute Class 4 Month Course/15 Weeks $139.00/Month
Music Theory & Production Weekly 90 Minute Class 4 Month Course/15 Weeks $139.00/Month

*Semesters: September-December | January-April | May-August

CSM Lesson Policies-Private Lessons

  • Payment of monthly tuition is due on the 1st of each billing month. 
    (Automatic Credit Card or Bank Account Debit is recommended.)
  • Lesson cancellations must be made 24 hours before scheduled lesson time to receive a make-up lesson credit. 
    (Excludes emergencies or health related issues.)
  • Cancellation of lessons within 24 hours of scheduled lesson time, or missed lessons without notification, will not receive make-up lesson credits.  
  • If an instructor, substitute or rescheduled lesson is not available, a make lesson credit will be given.
  • Make-up Lesson credits CAN be redeemed for make-up lessons or CSM merchandise according to the Make-up Lesson Credit Value*.
  • Make-up Lesson credits CANNOT be redeemed towards monthly tuition.
  • Students discontinuing lessons must notify CSM before the 1st of the next billing month.

CSM Group Class Policies

  • Group class tuition is due monthly on the 1st of each billing month.
  • Group classes require a semester (4 month) enrollment.
  • Student cancellation of group class subject to cancellation fees.
  • Make up lesson materials will be provided for any missed classes.

Make-up Lesson Credit Value (*Applied towards CSM Store Merchandise ONLY)

  • $20.00 / Private Lesson-1/2 Hour
  • $40.00 / Private Lesson-1 Hour

Please call: 802-878-8333 or email  school@contoismusic.com to notify of lesson cancellations.



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