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Yamaha EMX5 Powered Mixer

Yamaha EMX5 Powered Mixer

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 Product Description

EMX5 Powered Mixer

Box-type robust and portable powered mixer featuring high efficiency power amplifier of 630W and mixer with comprehensive effects, 1-Knob Master EQ™ and built-in feedback suppressor.


  • 2x 630W [4Ω], 2x 460W [8Ω] (1kHz THD+N less than 10% CEA2006)
  • 2x 500W [4Ω], 2x 370W [8Ω] (1kHz THD+N less than 1% CEA2006)
  • Powerful & High Efficiency Class-D Amplifier
  • 12 Line Inputs (8 mono + 4 stereo)
  • High-Z input (channel 4) to connect guitars or basses directly
  • 1-Knob Master EQ™
  • Onboard Feedback Suppressor
  • Comprehensive, professional 24 different effects
  • Metal chassis for extended operation and robustness
  • Large handles for extreme portability and protection
  • Universal power supply eliminates concern on power fluctuations
  • Optional rack-mount kit available

Get Serious About Your Sound

The new EMX7 and EMX5 were designed specifically for musicians, performers, or public speakers who put a premium on sound quality and convenient operation, and are ready to take their sound reinforcement to the next level. Despite their compact construction, only speakers and a microphone are required to configure a fully functioning, extremely portable, and reliable sound system with all the tools you need to mix, process, and deliver your audio just the way you want, anywhere you want.

The EMX7 and EMX5 models feature a built-in high-efficiency power amplifier of 2 x 710W, 2 x 630W of output power respectively. Despite their low power consumption, these amps are capable of very high volume output, yet still manage to remain surprisingly lightweight. Both models also come equipped with an onboard overload protection function to improve reliability and prolong component life and performance quality.

Robust But Extremely Portable Design

The EMX7 and EMX5 benefit from a robust and portable design with a rugged, impact-resistant, powder-coated metal chassis geared towards extended operation and road usage. Large handles on the front and back of the enclosure make it extremely portable, and also help to protect knobs and terminals on the surface of the chassis from impact or pressure during transport.

Easy Setup, Easy Operation

With their intuitive, user-friendly architecture, the EMX7 and EMX5 can be setup and operated quickly and easily by users with a fundamental understanding of sound reinforcement. Their versatile enclosure design allows users to choose from a variety of vertical or horizontal placements depending on the type of application. From a tabletop, floor, or installation environment no matter used on a tabletop or from a seated position with the mixer placed on the floor.

Complete Range of Input & Output Channels

Both the EMX7 and EMX5 are equipped with four mono input channels and four mono/stereo input channels, allowing up to 8 microphones, and line-level devices such as keyboards and portable playback device to be connected to each channel. In addition, channel 4 can be used with Hi-Z inputs to connect instruments such as guitars or basses directly. Each model is also equipped with 2 AUX SEND connections for a monitoring system or external effect devices, REC OUT unbalanced RCA pin output jacks to connect an external recorder, and STEREO OUT TRS phone jacks to output the mixed stereo signal.

Speaker Processor and Preset (EMX7 only)

The speaker processor function allows you to select an appropriate setting to match the particular speakers you’re using. It features presets specifically tuned for each model in Yamaha’s extensive lineup of passive speakers, including CBR, Club, A and R series. This allows users to optimize speaker performance and save even more time during system setup. It also includes a bass boost function that can be enabled to significantly bring out the lower frequencies.

Onboard Feedback Suppressor

Few things make a live performance or speaking engagement take a negative turn like the sudden, uncomfortable, and often embarrassing howling of unwanted feedback. EMX7/5 come equipped with a Feedback Suppressor that utilizes a unique Yamaha digital technology to instantly eliminate annoying feedback with the single switch of a button, which utilizes a seven-band notch filter.

3-band Equalizer Control

With individual knobs you can adjust the [HIGH], [MID], and [LOW] audio frequencies. You can operate instantly turning the control to amplify (boost) and attenuate (cut) the corresponding frequency band.

Flex 9 Graphic Equalizer (EMX7 only)

EMX7 is equipped with Flex-type graphic equalizer (Flex9GEQ) that allows you to select up to nine bands out of a total of 31 for fine tuning ±15 dB.

1-Knob Master EQ™ (EMX5 only)

EMX5’s 1-Knob Master EQ™ lets you apply optimized EQ settings with the simple turn of a knob. The SPEECH setting is geared towards meetings, seminars, or conferences with a limited lower end for clear, defined speech; MUSIC offers a more balanced sound tailored to acoustic or band performances; and BASS BOOST is ideal for DJ performances or audio playback that puts a priority on emphasizing the base sound.

1-knob COMP

EMX7/5 is equipped with the popular 1-knob COMP function used in MGP and MG series models. By simply operating a single control, it is possible to get optimal compression for vocals and instruments. As the [COMP] control is turned to the right, the threshold, ratio, and output gain are adjusted simultaneously.


EMX7/5 can be mounted onto a 19-inch rack by using the RK-EMX7 (rack-mount kit) sold separately.

Comprehensive, Professional Effects and Signal Processing

EMX7/5 are equipped with a powerful, comprehensive DSP section that provides a total of 24 different effects that are in the same league as our famed SPX effect processor series used by professionals. It is possible to add reverb and delay effects that simulate the sound of different performance environments, such as concert halls and small clubs.

Flexible Speaker Connectivity

EMX7/5 are equipped with speaker jacks which can be used with both TS phone and speakON plugs.

Internal Universal Power Supply

EMX7/5 have a highly-efficient internal universal power supply, then offer worry-free operation in any region around the globe - even in environments prone to potentially damaging power fluctuations. An internal power supply also simplifies rack mounting of the console for installed applications, eliminating the need for a bulky adapter or additional connections.




I/OInputs TOTAL 12 channels : 8 Mono (MIC/LINE), 4 Stereo (LINE)
Phantom power +48 V
Control and others FOOT SWITCH : Effect Mute on/off
Bus Stereo: 1, AUX: 2 (Including FX)
Input Channel FunctionPAD 30 dB (CH1-4)
Hi-Z Supported (CH4)
HPF 80 Hz, -12 dB/oct. (CH1–3)
COMP 1-knob COMP (CH1–4)
EQ HIGH 10 kHz +15 dB / -15 dB (Shelving)
EQ MID 2.5 kHz +15 dB / -15 dB (Peaking)
EQ LOW 100 Hz +15 dB / -15 dB (Shelving)
On-board processorsDSP SPX Algorithm 24 programs, Feedback suppressor, Master EQ, Monitor EQ
On-board amplifiersMaximum output power @4ohms 1kHz THD+N less than 10% (CEA2006) : 630 W + 630 W, 1kHz THD+N less than 1% (CEA2006) : 500 W + 500 W
Maximum output power @8ohms 1kHz THD+N less than 10% (CEA2006) : 460 W + 460 W, 1kHz THD+N less than 1% (CEA2006) : 370 W + 370 W
Level Meter 2 × 7 points LED meter (-20, -10, -6, 0, +6, +10, PEAK)

General specifications

Frequency response Input to SPEAKERS : +1 dB/-3 dB (40 Hz to 20 kHz), Input to STEREO OUT, AUX1 SEND, AUX2 SEND : +0.5 dB/-1 dB (20 Hz to 20 kHz) , refer to the nominal output level @ 1 kHz
Total harmonic distortion Input to SPEAKERS: 0.1% @ 10 W (40 Hz to 20 kHz), 0.05% @ 50 W (1 kHz) ; Input to STEREO OUT, AUX1 SEND, AUX2 SEND: 0.03% @ +14 dBu (20 Hz to 20 kHz), 0.007% @ +20 dBu (1 kHz), (THD+N, measured with 22 kHz LPF)
Hum & noise levelEquivalent input noise -117 dBu (Noise is measured with A-weighting filter)
Residual output noise Input to SPEAKERS : -70 dBu(40Hz to 20kHz, STEREO MASTER LEVEL: min); Input to STEREO OUT, AUX1 SEND, AUX2 SEND : -82dBu(20Hz to 20kHz, STEREO MASTER LEVEL: min) (Noise is measured with A-weighting filter)
Crosstalk -85 dB (1 kHz, Measured with 1 kHz band pass filter)
Protection circuitLoad protection DC-fault
Amplifier protection Over heat protection, Over current protection, Integral power protection
Power supply protection Over heat protection, Over current protection
Power requirements AC 100-240V, 50Hz/60Hz
Power consumption 42 W (Idle) / 210 W (1/8 Power)
DimensionsW 465 mm (18 5/16")
H 308 mm (12 1/8")
D 325 mm (12 13/16")
Net weight 9.5 kg (20.9 lbs)
Accessories Owner’s Manual, Technical Specifications, AC power cord (2.5 m)
Options Foot switch: FC5, Rack-mount brackets: RK-EMX7
Others Operating Temperature : 0 to +40℃

(0 dBu = 0.775 Vrms, Output impedance of signal generator (Rs) = 150 Ω All level controls are at their maximum position if not specified.)

Input Characteristics

Input JackMIC/LINEHi-ZActual Load ImpedanceFor Use with NominalInput LevelConnector
Sensitivity *1Nominal Level (▼ Position) *2Max. Before Clip
CH 1–4 XLR MIC - 3 kΩ 50–600 Ω Mics -60 dBu (0.775 mV) -43 dBu (5.48 mV) -15 dBu (138 mV) Combo jack *3 (Balanced)
LINE - -30 dBu (24.5 mV) -13 dBu (173 mV) +15 dBu (4.36 V)
Phone MIC - 8 kΩ 600 Ω Lines -50 dBu (2.45 mV) -33 dBu (17.3 mV) -5 dBu (436 mV)
LINE - -20 dBu (77.5 mV) -3 dBu (548 mV) +25 dBu (13.8 V)
CH 4 (Hi-Z) Phone MIC ON 1 MΩ 10 kΩ Lines -50 dBu (2.45 mV) -33 dBu (17.3 mV) -5 dBu (436 mV) Phone jack *4 (Unbalanced)
LINE -20 dBu (77.5 mV) -3 dBu (548 mV) +20 dBu (7.75 V)
CH 5/6, 7/8 XLR - - 3 kΩ 50–600 Ω Mics -60 dBu (0.775 mV) -43 dBu (5.48 mV) -15 dBu (138 mV) XLR-3-31 *5 (Balanced)
Phone 10 kΩ 600 Ω Lines -20 dBu (77.5 mV) -3 dBu (548 mV) +25 dBu (13.8 V) Phone jack *4 (Unbalanced)
CH 9/10, 11/12 XLR - - 3 kΩ 50–600 Ω Mics -60 dBu (0.775 mV) -43 dBu (5.48 mV) -15 dBu (138 mV) XLR-3-31 *5 (Balanced)
Pin 10 kΩ 600 Ω Lines -8 dBu (316 mV) +10 dBu (2.45 V) +25 dBu (13.8 V) RCA pin (Unbalanced)
CH 11/12 Mini jack - - 10 kΩ 600 Ω Lines -8 dBu (316 mV) +10 dBu (2.45 V) +25 dBu (13.8 V) Stereo mini jack *6 (Unbalanced)

(0 dBu = 0.775 Vrms)
*1 Sensitivity is the lowest level that will produce an output of +4 dBu (1.228 V) or the nominal output level when the unit is set to maximum gain. (All level controls are at their maximum position.)
*2 Level controls setting : Channel level controls are at their t position. Master level controls are at their maximum position.
*3 1&Sleeve = GND, 2&Tip = HOT, 3&Ring = COLD
*4 Tip = Signal, Sleeve = GND
*5 1 = GND, 2 = HOT, 3 = COLD
*6 Tip = LEFT, Ring = RIGHT, Sleeve = GND

Output Characteristics

Output JackActual Source ImpedanceFor Use with NominalOutput levelConnector
NominalMax. Before Clip
STEREO OUT L, R 600 Ω 10 kΩ Lines +4 dBu (1.228 V) +20 dBu (7.75 V) Phone jack *1 (Impedance balanced)
AUX SEND 1, 2 600 Ω 10 kΩ Lines +4 dBu (1.228 V) +20 dBu (7.75 V) Phone jack *1 (Impedance balanced)
REC OUT L, R 600 Ω 10 kΩ Lines -10 dBV (0.308 V) +18 dBV (7.75 V) RCA pin (Unbalanced)

(0 dBu = 0.775 Vrms 0 dBV = 1.00 Vrms)
*1 Tip = HOT, Ring = COLD, Sleeve = GND

Speaker Output Characteristics

Output JackActual Source ImpedanceFor Use with NominalOutput levelConnector
1 kHz THD+N < 1% (CEA2006)1 kHz THD+N < 10% (CEA2006)
SPEAKERS A, B < 0.1 Ω 4 Ω Speakers 500 W 630 W speakON NL4 *1 Phone jack *2
8 Ω Speakers 370 W 460 W

(0 dBu = 0.775 Vrms)
*1 1+ = Positive, 1- = Negative
*2 Tip = Positive, Sleeve = Negative

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